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We are an alliance of people of all sizes who are committed to ending the oppression of fat people, and to working towards a society in which no one is taught to hate their own or anyone else’s body, for any reason.

To this end we are committed to the following:

  • Educating ourselves and others about the causes and consequences of fat oppression, always keeping in mind that fat oppression shapes and is shaped by all other systemic forms of inequity.
  • Creating spaces and events in which fat people and our allies can come together to socialize and engage in political activism. While we acknowledge that safety is an elusive and sometimes troublesome concept, it remains a goal worth striving for.
  • Challenging myths around fatness, thinness and health. We work to raise public awareness about the abundant and high quality – yet strangely under-reported – research showing that the relationship between fat and health is not at all as commonly advertised. We seek to break down the mystique of anti-fat science by equipping people with essential science literacy skills, and we encourage health care professionals to adopt an approach that is capable of supporting people of all sizes as we make our own choices relating to health, while avoiding the notion that there is a moral obligation to strive for any particular conception of ‘health.’

Basis of Unity

To join us you don’t have to love your own body yet, or be totally comfortable with other people’s fat bodies – but you have to WANT to, and you have to be willing to be respectfully challenged and to keep on learning.

Sometimes claims are made within various streams of resistance that they are fighting the ‘last socially acceptable form of oppression’ – this claim has been made in relation to fat oppression. We know that fat oppression is NOT the last socially acceptable form of oppression. That’s why Fat Panic! is committed to resisting all forms of oppression. We will resist them when they obviously intersect with fat oppression and also in those moments and situations where the intersections are not so obvious. We do this because we know that the many different systems of oppression are all connected, that no form of oppression is more important than any other, and that solidarity is sexy.

Anti-oppression work of all kinds involves taking risks. This is true when talking about those systems of oppression that target us and those that actually grant us unearned privileges. In order to work together across our different social locations we make two promises to each other. First, that we will work to remain open to learning about systems of oppression that do not target us and that in fact privilege us. Second that we will agree to work respectfully with allies who will inevitably make mistakes.

The following are systems of oppression that we collectively are aware of:


Ageism (against both ends of the ageing continuum)

Audism/Deaf Oppression

Christian Supremacy (and its close cousins, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism – see also Racism)

Classism, in this society Capitalist Classism


Fat oppression/Sizeism




Psychiatric Oppression

Racism/White Supremacy (and its close cousins, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism)


Trans-Oppression/Gender Binarism/Cissexism

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