Meetings, Getting Involved and Upcoming Events

This page tells you about Monthly Meetings, How to Get Involved, and Upcoming Events…keep scrolling down!



Fat Panic! at SHOUT BACK! 2013

Fat Panic! has been invited to facilitate a workshop at the upcoming SHOUT BACK FESTIVAL 2013 which is happening August 23 – 25th.  You can keep up with the organizing of this festival by checking out their event page on Facebook or watching as info for this year’s festival goes up here:   Once details about the time and location of the workshop are known, we will post them here.  Fat Panic! has been assured that the workshop venue will be an accessible space with an accessible washroom.


November 2nd, 2013 Fat Panic! and SFPIRG will be co-producing a FREE, ALL-DAY WORKSHOP on fat politics and body diversity. The details of the Fall semester programming is still in the works, but will be posted on the SFPIRG website and here once finalized. For more information you can email Kalamity at SFPIRG :   or watch the SFPIRG website:



Fat Happiness Days! at Simon Fraser University

During 2012 Fat Panic! was thrilled to co-sponsor Fat Happiness Days with SFPIRG (the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group).

Fat Happiness Days were a monthly opportunity for members of the SFU community to gather together for facilitated discussions about the politics of fat and body size diversity. We brought our fat happiness – and yes, also our struggle and pain around this issue – to the SFPIRG lounge where there was much discussion, learning and also many wonderful cupcakes!


Notice! Due to capacity issues, monthly meetings are currently on hold – we hope to get them started again during late summer or early fall of 2013!

Whether you want to just hang out or sign up for some activism, you are invited to join us for Fat Panic!’s  regular monthly planning/social meetings. We usually get together late on Sunday afternoons, though that changes up sometimes, so be sure to contact us at or watch us on Facebook to find out the date, time and location of the next meeting.

We want to meet you, so bring your fabulous self, your friends and your ideas for activities and actions!


We at Fat Panic! are all volunteers, and we need more volunteers to make our collective vision reality.

We want…

  • People who are interested in hanging out with fabulous people and helping with things like setting the Fat Panic! agenda, planning events, and doing public education
  • People who know stuff about things like fundraising, health and wellness, fat sewing, website design, workshop facilitation, counselling and leading support groups, working with children and youth, event organizing, fat law/human rights, and…?

We very likely want YOU! Remember, we are a coalition of people of ALL SIZES, so if you want to work to end fat oppression and promote respect for body diversity while resisting all forms of systemic injustice, then you are our kind of people.

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