About the Directory

Having been inspired by Frances at Corpulent (http://corpulent.wordpress.com/)we have decided to start up our own All Bodies Directory for at least the Greater Vancouver area, Coast Salish Territories.

We need your referrals for health care providers who are fat positive, or at least clearly not hostile to fat people. That means doctors (including, for example, general practitioners, endocrinologists, and rheumatologists)  nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, counsellors, chiropractors, midwives and doulas, dietitians, blood work technicians, and more.

If you know of a fat-positive practitioner of any body size, please post the information here, in the comments section. We will be compiling a directory using your referrals.

We are also interested in knowing whether these fat-positive practitioners are also supportive in other important ways, for example, if they are particularly good in terms of being respectful around gender, poverty and welfare, colonialism, ability status, and more.  So if you have reason to know that yours is particularly good in one or more of these areas, please include that info.

For example, Kalamity knows of a fabulous physiotherapist at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver, so she would post the following info:

Name: Kate Kennedy-Waiz

Area: Physiotherapist

Where (include address, transit and parking info if you have it): Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic –  505-686 West Broadway, Vancouver. They provide a parking map here: http://www.treloarphysio.com/locations/broadway/

Phone and/or email: 604-875-6207

Info about Fees, whether they are opted ‘in’: Treloar charges a fee on top of what is covered – it has been a while so it is fuzzy, but it was $10 or $15.

Any other notes, such as whether you must be from a particular area to use their services: no limitations known for Treloar

Comments: Kate is a non-fat practitioner who was always respectful and gentle, did not hesitate to touch my super-fat body, and   never once made the slightest comment about weight. When I mentioned what a nice change that was, she indicated her belief that injuries happen to anyone, and we all deserve respectful treatment.

ALSO re: Trans-positivity. Here are my observations which should be read in light of the fact that I am a cis-gendered and/or femme genderqueer person: after Kate heard from the front desk person that I had refused to answer the question ‘male/female’ (no other option provided) on a form out of protest, she approached me to ask why. She listened to my reasons in a very open and nondefensive manner,  and then she said that she would bring it up at the next staff meeting and would suggest a change – that was the last time I was there, so I dont know if she was successful in having the form changed, but she was certainly respectful in our conversation.

By the way – Kalamity says this is a for-real referral. If you need physiotherapy, Kate would be a good choice.


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